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QuickSync FT40 Motor for the FeatherTouch FTF3545 series

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Product Overview

The #19773 QuickSync FT40 motor with built-in clutch mechanism and temperature sensor allows both manual and motorized control with a simple twist of the motor housing.

Designed especially for the FeatherTouch FTF3545 series manual focusers, the FT40 can also be used with several of the larger 4-inch Astro-Physics specific focuser. Simple installation and elegant design with full compatibility to the FocusLynx Control Hub makes QuickSync the very best choice for motorizing a FeatherTouch.

This version requires the external Optec FocusLynx controller.

Compatable with

  • FeatherTouch FTF3545, FTF3515 focusers,
  • Astro-Physics AP27FOC3E, AP4FO3CE 2.7 and 4-inch focusers


  • Material:  6061 aluminum, anodized black with gold knob,
  • Length:  6.3" (160mm)
  • Width:  3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Tools Required:  1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
  • Motor Cable:    Standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 (6-ft. length included)
  • Connection to FocusLynx:  Focuser 1 or Focuser 2 port- RJ45 socket


(No reviews yet) Write a Review