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nStep + Motor Kit

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Product Overview

Stepper Motor Focus solutions for Celestron, Williams Optics, Stellarvue, Explore Scientific, Televue, GSO Classic and LF, FeatherTouch, and more. Contact us if you don't see yours listed.

Motorize your Explore Scientific focuser with our powerful stepper motor. for the ultimate in accurate auto-focusing. Stepper motor has 0.1 degree step size, easily lifts 8 pounds. Stepper can be quickly detatched for manual focusing. Uses standard 6-wire telephone cable and RJ12 connector. Focuser not included.

Fully ASCOM compliant so it will work with popular focus control programs. Can be operated for temperature compensation with the optional temperature sensor (below). Full step and half step control from computer and display of step count. USB and 12V battery power cables included. Software and ASCOM drivers for Windows xp/vista/7 and 10 . Approximately 1.5 inches wide by 4 inches long by 0.5 inches thick.

Available in Basic USB control, Bluetooth, with Butons, and Buttons with Bluetooth

Compatible with Rigel Systems, Feathertouch, Robofocus & Moonlite stepper motors(please identify your stepper motor when purchasing).

Add Temperature Compensation to Focusing:
Telescopes change focus as temperature changes expand/contract the length of the telescope tube as temperature increases/decreases. Adding the external temperature sensor to the usb-nSTEP allows your autofocus software to and automatically compensate for these temperature changes. Unlike internal temperature sensors located inside the controller that are affected by the heat generated by the electronics, the external temperature sensor can be attached to the telescope to get a more accurate measurement of the ambient temperature.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review