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QuickSync TKX stand-alone motor w/ ThirdLynx

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Product Overview

ThirdLynx controllers are integrated directly into the motor endcap and provide USB connectivity to a control PC. 12VDC power is required and supplied with each motor. ThirdLynx functions similar to original FocusLynx with the same software drivers and controls

QuickSync motors include the integrated ThirdLynx control circuit dispensing with the need for an external control hub. A digital temperature sensor is integrated into the ThirdLynx control circuit for temperature compensated focusing. Connection to the observatory or telescope control computer can be made using any standard USB A-B cable. A separate 12VDC power connection provides sufficient power to vertically lift cameras or instrument packages exceeding 5 kg. Optec’s new ASCOM Alpaca driver and field-proven FocusLynx Commander software round out the package for complete remote telescope focusing solution.

  • Takahashi FS series with MEF focuser,
  • Takahashi FSQ-85ED, FSQ-106ED,
  • Takahashi TOA-130, TOA-150,
  • Takahashi TSA series with MEF focuser,
  • Any other Takahashi telescopes with MEF dual-speed focuser.

NOTE: The FSQ-130 focuser is larger and can be motorized with our #19767 DirectSync FSQ130 kit.

Older Takahashi rack-and-pinion focusers may have an original MEF with two silver knobs rather than a black fine-focus knob. The black knob MEF has a 7:1 reduction and is manufactured in Japan by Takahashi, while the early silver version was made in the U.S.A and features a 10:1 reduction. If your focuser is the U.S. version with silver knobs, be sure to specify when placing your order and enter a note at checkout


  • Material:  6061 aluminum, anodized black with gold knob,
  • Length:  6.3" (160mm)
  • Width:  3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Tools Required:  1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
  • Motor Cable:    Standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 (6-ft. length included)
  • Connection to FocusLynx:  Focuser 1 or Focuser 2 port- RJ45 socket


(No reviews yet) Write a Review