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WandererBox Lite V3

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Product Overview

DC 5521 Maximum 8A input 5 channels DC12V output
1*USB3.1+3*USB2.0 Built-in brand new 12V-5V step-down module provides up to 3A continuous current
Weighs only 88g
Volume: 6.8*5.1*2.3cm
One M6 and two M4 threaded holes at the bottom (4mm deep)
Electrophoresis protection
Short circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Electrostatic protection
Maximize the security of WandererBox itself and connected devices
12V and 5V power indicator lights
The working status is clear at a glance



  • Power Input - 12V DC5.5*2.1mm 8A Max
  • DC Output – 5x Always on 12V output (Not controllable)
  • USB Hub – 1x USB3.1, 3x USB2.0 (Not Controllable)
  • USB Power Supply – 5V 3A
  • Size – 6.8 x 5.1x 2.3 cm
  • Weight 88g
  • Screw Holes M6 and M4 screw holes, 4mm Deep


(No reviews yet) Write a Review