Sharpstar 94EDPH

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The brand new 94EDPH is the third type of this Sharpstar EDPH family. Its aperture size is 94mm and the focal length is 517mm, thus the focal ratio is f/5.5. 94EDPH is designed with triplet air-spaced APO lens structure, including two pieces of ED(extra-low dispersion) glass, which empowers the astragraph to achieve more effective aberration amendment thus to produce more accurate images. With its innate compactness, fashionable appearance, and above all, superb quality, Sharpstar 94EDPH can be applied to both high-end sky-observation and sophisticated astrophotograph.

Sharpstar 94EDPH shares the same reducer with its sibling, 76EDPH, which may greatly relieve the inconvenience and troublesome in swapping the 76 to 94.

The reducer can reduce the original focal ratio to f/4.5, supporting full-frame imaging, opening up for our customers more possibilities in exploring the universe.

Sharpstar 94EDPH must be an ideal choice, worthy of consideration, if you are looking for a large-aperture, fast-focal-ratio, quality and lightweight APO refractive telescope.


Aperture: 94mm
Limiting star magnitude: 11.62
Focal ratio: F5.5
Resolution:1.28 arc seconds
Overall tube length: 468mm
Accessories: A piece of tube ring, a dovetail plate, a handle
Main tube outer diameter: 118mm
Weight: 3.3kg
Objective type: Triplet air-spaced APO (two of which are ultra-low dispersion ED glass)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review