Sharpstar 94EDPH F4.4 Reducer

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SHARPSTAR F4.4 Full Frame Focal Reducer made especially for 94EDPH refractor telescopes, it satisfy the demands of full-frame photography.

The reducer uses 2.5" lens, provides one end of a M74×1 thread, to attach the focuser of main tube. And the other end features a M48×0.75 thread, to connect camera with 55mm back focus. This reducer's interal optics consist of quadruplet air-spaced lens structure, supports full-frame photography, generates a 50mm image circle, perfect for edge decreased field illumination control. The f/4.4 reducer works with 94EDPH refractor, reducing the focal length to 414mm, is the optimal choice for deep-sky astrophotography.

In addition, the f/4.4 reducer features a 360-degree rotator, allows you to easily rotate the camera for astroimaging. The M48 adapter has built-in 2" filter thread when necessary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review