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Product Overview

Oasis Focuser is an electronic focuser with clutch mechanism, designed for astronomical observation and astrophotographers. It also has some other excellent features.


Clutch function — Easy and fast switching between motor and manual focusing

Bluetooth function — Mobile devices such as mobile phones can be used to control the focuser via Bluetooth

Small size — Round appearance with small size

High precision — Micron precision for each motor step

Ability to drive heavy load — Testing indicates that it can driver net loads more than 5Kg

Small backlash — Carefully selected motor model and product design results in small backlash

Easy to install — Easy to install or uninstall focuser body. Only one screw needs to be used to install or uninstall focuser body. And it can be installed on many telescope focusers

High integrated — Except for the ambient temperature probe, all functions and components (including motor, controller board etc.) are implemented and integrated in the single small-sized focuser body

In addition, this product has the following features:


  1. Support ASCOM interface
  2. Support USB HID device interface, driver-free for Windows operation system.
  3. Has two temperature sensors, one monitors board temperature, the other monitors ambient temperature
  4. Support backlash compensation
  5. Support electronic auto-focusing
  6. Has beep generator for tips or alarms



This product features the use of two gears instead of coupling as driving parts. One of the gears is installed on the shaft of the telescope focuser, and the other is installed on the shaft of the motor. By holding the rear end of the Oasis Focuser and turning it, the two gears can be separated or meshed.

The clutch of this product is self-locking. In most cases, as long as the Oasis Focuser is switched to ON or OFF state, it can be kept in meshing or locking state without other operations. It is very convenient to use in this way. In addition, a locking screw is provided to ensure that the focuser will always be in a stable state when it needs to work in a certain state for a long period of time. For example, it can be used when the equipment works in a remote observation station and the focuser needs to be in engaged state for a long time.


Bluetooth control

Users can use mobile devices such as mobile phone to connect Oasis Focuser via Bluetooth. Once connected, users can use mobile device to do operations such as focusing, firmware upgrading etc on Oasis Focuser.

Small size and large driving ability

Oasis focuser uses a small diameter and high reduction ratio stepper motor made by NPM motor company from Japan. It can drive a large load on the basis of having a delicate and compact appearance. Testing on a Sharpstar 107PH telescope indicates that this product is capable of steadily driving a net load of more than 5 kg.

High precision

The higher reduction ratio means more steps and higher focusing resolution when do focusing. We did some tests and found that on the Starfield ED102 APO Pro it takes about 125 steps per 0.1mm focusing distance, while on the Sharpstar 107PH it takes about 159 steps per 0.1mm focusing distance. On both telescopes the focusing distance of each step is less than 1 micron.


Below are the test results of running auto focus using Sequence Generator Pro and NINA respectively. The telescope used was Starfield ED102 Telescope.


In the test of Sequence Generator Pro, we performed auto focus tests repeatedly for 3 times. From the test results we can see that the final focus positions are very close each time. Two of them are even in the same position (85756), and the other one is only three steps away from them. Since the distance represented by each step is less than 1 micron, we can say that Oasis focuser can achieve micron precision.


Similarly, the final focus positions are also the same for two consecutive auto focus in NINA.




Small backlash

The meshing and locking mechanism of the gears is designed carefully, and the two gears can mesh smoothly and perfectly to achieve the best meshing state. Backlash introduced by the gears is reduced effectively. The overall backlash of the product is very small. Under the same conditions, the backlash of the product is only about 1/3 to 1/5 of the comparison product.


Convenient installation

Oasis Focuser body can be installed to the telescope focuser by means of a clamp. Installation and removal of Oasis focuser body require only a single screw and can be done very quickly and easily. Oasis focuser can also be installed on a variety of telescoope focusers. A small step is designed on the clamp for auxiliary installation and positioning (as shown in the picture below). The installation position of the clamp can be easily determined by the step.


Highly integrated

Except for the external ambient temperature sensor, other functional components including motor, control board and so on, are all in the Oasis focuser body. This makes it very easy to be installed and used. If you only use Bluetooth to control the focuser, you don't even need to use a USB cable to connect it to a computer or other device. You just need to connect 12V power to Oasis focuser.

Please refer to the product user manual for more information.




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