Astroasis Celestron C11 / C14 adapters

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Product Overview

When a standard electronic focuser, lacking a clutch function, is installed on a Celestron SCT, the original focus knob becomes unusable. This is problematic as SCT users often require the ability to quickly or manually adjust focus using the knob. Without an electronic focuser, achieving optimal focus accuracy can be challenging.

To address this, we've developed dedicated adapters for Celestron C8/925/11/14 and their HD versions. These adapters allow the Oasis Focuser to be installed on a Celestron SCT. The Oasis Focuser is a clutch electronic focuser, and the adapter includes a specially designed knob. This setup allows SCT users to focus either with the electronic focuser or manually with the knob, switching between the two as needed. This solution provides a perfect focusing system for SCT users.


Oasis Focuser main body can be easily installed or uninstalled with a clamp. The main body can be shared between different telescopes in a easy way, which saves money for you. The appearance of the adapter is also beautiful. Even when the main body is removed, the knob can still be used, and the appearance of the adapter is still very beautiful.




The components included in the product are shown in the following figure.


CSA8925 Components



CSA1114 Components


As shown in the following picture, the diameter of the focusing shaft of C11/C14 has two size, ie., 21.8mm and 22mm. We made two different knobs for them accordingly. So CSA1114 has two sub-types, one is CSA1114A, and the other is CSA1114B. CSA1114A is for 21.8mm shaft, and CSA1114B is for 22mm shaft.



Below is an example of installation on C14HD.


Oasis Focuser on Celestron C14HD


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