Artesky M48 CAA 360deg Rotator Camera angle adjuster

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Product Overview

Artesky M48 360 ° V2 is a refreshed version of a rotator that collects very good reviews, allowing you to freely rotate the camera, camera, or other accessories connected to the telescope extension.

As in the case of its predecessor, this product is equipped with an angular scale, facilitating the reading and reconstruction of settings for various observation and astrophotographic sets. The use of three screws blocking the movement of the rotator means that the user does not have to worry about the stable mounting of even heavy cameras and cameras.

Artesky M48 360 ° V2

• universal fastening with a thread M48x0.75
• 360 ° swivel range
• scale facilitating the reading of the rotation angle
• three rotation locking screws

Technical parameters

• rotation range: 360 °
• male thread: M48x0.75
• female thread: M48x0.75
• length of the female thread: 3 mm
• thickness: 13.5 mm

Elements of the set

• Artesky M48 360 ° V2 rotator
• mounting screws (3 pieces)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review