Artesky 2" Filter Holder and T2 Adapter for Celestron RASA8 Astrograph

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Artesky 2" Filter Holder for Celestron RASA8
High-quality filters enable deep astro shots with the powerful RASA8, even under less than optimal conditions. This adapter enables the installation of mounted 2" nebula filters and at the same time offers a working distance of 17.5 mm from the T2 thread. The adapter can of course also be used without filter.

The Artesky RASA8 T2 adapter and filter holder is suitable for all astro cameras with T2 connection and a working distance of 17.5 mm or less.

You can directly connect the following ZWO cameras, among others: ASI294MC-PRO, ASI1600MM-PRO, ASI1600MC-PRO, ASI183MC-PRO, ASI183MM-PRO. Cameras with shorter working distances can also be adapted with the appropriate T2 extensions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review