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ZWO EFW 7x2" Filter Wheel

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Product Overview

The filter wheel body is CNC milled from an aircraft graded aluminum block.

Excellent craftsmanship, very thin and light with only 20mm thickness.

The core part of our EFW is the stepper motor which has reliable performance and quality that comes from NPM, Japan.

2" Thread-In Filters or 50.4mm ±0.5mm Unmounted Filters can be used

The 2” Electronic Filter Wheel can be rotated in both counter clockwise and clockwise direction for filter selection.

There is no need of multiple cables to power this wheel up, just one USB cable does the trick.The maximum power supply of this EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be operated from the Cooled CCD’s USB2.0 port.

When connected to ASI6200, the distance from the filter to the sensor is about 18mm

Our 2? RGBL filters are recommended to work with ASI6200MM Pro camera, it will offer nearly 1:1:1 RGB color balance.

Below requirements must be met while using the 2” filter from third-party.



ZWO EFW (5 x 2?or 7 x 2?)

Product weight:EFW 5 x 2?=500g / EFW 7 x 2?=650g

Power supply:USB2.0

Control Mode: ASCOM and SDK

Driver:Free of driver


(No reviews yet) Write a Review