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William Optics Fluorostar 156

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Product Overview

The William Optics FluoroStar 156 Refractor is an air-spaced triplet APO. Using three elements made of high-end fully coated glass like FPL-53 and Lanthanum virtually removes chromatic aberration and produces images that are sharp and full of contrast. A patented light weight Bahtinov mask is included to provide assistance in focusing, or you can remove it when using the F156 visually.

The FLT156 has a native focal ratio of f/7.8 and a focal length of 1217 mm. The big 3.7" rack and pinion dual-speed focuser allows for use of three optional M92 flatteners from William Optics; the FLAT68III, which flattens the field beautifully without focal reduction, the FLAT7A, an APO flattener that will also reduce the effective focal length of the 156 FluoroStar to f/6.2, or the FLAT8. This 0.72X Focal Reducer and Field Flattener shortens the effective focal length a bit more than the FLAT7A, taking it from the native f/7.8 to f/5.6. William Optics recommends the FLAT68III for the best image quality of the three choices. All flatteners accept 2" threaded filters.

As with other William Optics refractors, the fit and finish on the FluoroStar 156 is superb. The telescope comes with cradle style mounting with three rings for extra stability, a saddle handle bar, and a universal Losmandy-style dovetail plate. All four pieces are anodized in blue. The included camera rotator and the Rotolock 2" Adapter are anodized to match. This is one beautiful telescope. By the way, the top of the handle bar has a Vixen-style saddle built in to accept William Optics slide base guide rings for a guide scope or finder. You can also use an accessory mounted on a Vixen dovetail.

Call for available colours. Can be ordered in Blue, Gold, Red and Space Grey


Model Number


Telescope Series

William Optics FLT

Focal Ratio


Optical Design


Telescope Aperture

156mm (6.14")

Telescope Mount Type

No Mount - OTA Only

Type of Electronics

OTA Only - No Electronics

Number of Refractor Elements

3 (Triplet)

Focal Length (mm)


Optical Coatings


Image Circle

full frame

Focuser Style

Rack & Pinion

Focuser Size


Focuser Speed

Dual Speed

Refractor OTA Length - Extended (in.)

1330 mm

Refractor OTA Length - Retracted (in.)

1120 mm

Telescope OTA Weight (lb.)



William Optics - 2 Years



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