W70 Series-1.25" 65 degree 25mm

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The 50º eyepiece is dead. These highly corrected 70 degree AF eyepieces are the new standard.

The W70 series eyepieces offer extra field and extra eye relief without sacrificing image quality. Many observers don't like having their eye too close to the eyepiece, on average, the W70 series oculars have an eye relief of 15mm. Combine that with a wide apparent field of view and you have eyepieces that are very comfortable and nice to use. Larger clusters and nebulosities will now easily fit into your field of view at higher magnification, and your eyeball won't be pressed up against the glass. Standard features include multi-coating, fold-down rubber eyeshield, rubber grips, standard filter threaded barrels and edge-blacked lenses.

1.25" W70-25mm does not have negative achromat compensation, and is recommended only for telescopes with a high f/ration or for terrestrial use. The 4-element multicoated design has 65 degrees AFOV, 11mm eye relief, rubber eyeshield and grip. Performance specifations on request.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review