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T2 Variable Locking Extension Ring

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Product Overview

The variable spacer / extension ring has been redesigned to minimize flex and enables you fine tune the exact distance you require between camera and flattener or filter holders, etc.

Useful in astronomy and microscopy for precisely adjusting the spacing between optics and camera sensors to get the best image.

Spacing distance can be adjusted precisely, measured between the two surfaces shown in the product image. Once adjusted, it's then locked in position with the locking ring.

  • Heavy-duty construction to control flex in the imaging train.
  • Easy-Grip knurled ring for easier loosening / tightening.
  • Male and female T2 M42x0.75 thread on each end compatible with most camera accessories.
  • The spacer can be "stacked" with other T2 fixed or variable spacers in the range to achieve the exact distance you require between camera and optics.
  • Compatible with T2 DSLR Adapters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review