Starfield Adjustable 2" 0.8x Reducer

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Product Overview

The Starfield 2" 0.8x adjustable reducer and flattener makes finding the correct back focus easy! Fighting with adapters is a thing of the past!

The reducer attaches directly to the Starfield telescopes focuser by removing the Axil lock. It can also be used when paired with a 2" adapter. Using the supplied 1.5mm Allen key, loosen off the three screws a half turn and then unscrew the lock.
Thread the reducer onto the focuser.

This Reducer can also be used for other Telescopes that are 70-102mm in aperture.

  • 102 mm / focal ratio f/7 - 55 mm
  • 90mm / focal ratio f/6 - 58 mm
  • 80 mm / focal ratio f/7 - 57.6 mm
  • 80 mm / focal ratio f/6 - 59.6 mm
  • 70 mm / focal ratio f/6 - 61.6 mm

How to set your distance.

Starfield 80mm f/6 with 480 focal length

DSLR with 55mm backfocus when using a T-Ring

The reducers distance for 80mm f/6 is 59.6mm. 59.6mm - 55mm (DSLR and T-Ring) is 4.6mm. Simply adjust the reducer to the 4.6mm mark an you are now ready to take pictures. Fine tuning can be done if needed.

Filters can be added inside the reducer.


Design:Corrector and reducer for refractor telescopes

Telescopic connection:M63x1 external thread

Camera connection:M48x0.75 external thread

Reduction factor:0.8 xLenses:3 lenses with ED element

Coating:multi-coating and internal blackening

Working distance:variable (adjustable)

Adjustment range of the distance:0-13 mm stepless

Suitable for:Refractor telescopes from 70 mm to 102 mm aperture with focusers from 2"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review