QHY5III178 Mono

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Product Overview

6.0 Megapixel, 50FPS, High-resolution Back-illuminated CMOS Camera
The QHY5III178 has the highest resolution in the new QHY5III series. This sensor has small 2.4um pixels and a 1/1.8-inch sensor that can be used for high-precison guiding data with a good FOV for easily finding guide stars. The camera is designed to be a wide FOV autoguider, high-resolution planetary camera, and entery level deep sky camera. It is available in both mono and color versions.

For deep sky imaging, the QHY5III178 uses our proprietary anti-amp glow control function that reduces amplifer glow significantly.
The QHY5III178 sensor is Sony's StarVis BSI image sensor. STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation. BSI means the sensor is Back Side Illuminated which dramatically increases the sensor's sensitivity and produces high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions.


QHY5III178 Specification
Sony IMX178 Exmor CMOS sensor (Mono/Color)
Imager Size
Typical 1/1.8-inch
Effective Pixels
3072 x 2048  6 Megapixels
Effective Area
7.37mm x 4.91mm
Pixel Size
2.4um x 2.4um
Readout Type
Progressive Scan
Readout Noise
2.4e - 0.9e
Anti-amplight Control
Yes (Reduces amp glow significantly)
Electronic Shutter
Max Frame Rate
50FPS @full resolution  100FPs@1528x1024    190FPS@764x512
ADC Sample Depth
10/14-bit,  Output  8-bit/14-bit 
Exposure Time
9us - 1200sec
Pixel Binning
1x1, 2x2
Yes, on-chip microlens array
Peak QE
Guide Port
Yes, 5-pin Lemo aviation socket
Back Focal
Approx. 11mm
Camera Size
1.25-inch Eyepiece Size (D=31.6mm)
Optic Window
AR+AR(Mono)  AR+IR cut 680nm (Color)
Support Software
86g (Mono ) / 87g (Color)
Items included in standard package
QHY5III178 camera. Confocal ring. 1.5meter USB3.0 cable. 1.5meter 5pin lemo to RJ11 guide cable. (does not include the 50mm, F/1.4 lens)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review