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Primaluce Lab Vixen style dovetail plate 350mm PLUS

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The Vixen style dovetail plate 350mmPLUS is designed to let you install telescopes or cameras on mounts with Vixen type clamp or photographic heads with Arca Swiss type clamp. This Vixen plate is 350mm long and, not only it comes with central threaded holed and slots, but also threaded holes to connect to other PLUS mechanical components such as support rings, guide rings, dovetail clamps or EAGLE computers always with more crews, in order to avoid any flexure! Like all the elements of the PLUS system, this plate is made with high precision mechanics, it's built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and anodized to increase the hardness of the material and protect it from oxidation.

Thanks to the particular design, the Vixen style dovetail plate 350mm PLUS can be:

  1. positioned below the support rings to install the telescope on mounts with Vixen type plate
  2. installed below a telescope or a camera to connect it to a photographic head with Arca Swiss dovetail clamp
  3. installed above the support rings to increase the mechanical rigidity of the entire telescope (and allow you to attach other accessories such as guide rings to precisely adjust the position of the guide telescope).
  4. used as a basis to create a side-by-side plate (which allows you to install two telescopes in parallel on a mount with a single Vixen plate) together with 2 dovetail clamps PLUS.

Vixen style dovetail plate 350mm PLUS


(No reviews yet) Write a Review