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Product Overview

The Software Bisque Paramount MEII Equatorial Mount is the latest research grade Equatorial Mount from Bisque. With hundreds of Paramounts sold, this mount has a flawless reputation amongst serious astronomers and observatory owners. Below is a list of features and specs pertaining to the truly beautiful Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope System:

  • Paramount MEII Equatorial Mount Total Instrument Capacity is 240 lb. and the total weight capacity is a whopping 480 lb.!

  • The Software Bisque Paramount MEII has a unibody mount that is CNC machined for precise performance.

  • Equipped with 11.4 Right Ascension Gears the Paramount MEII Mount provides research grade tracking and performance

  • The Paramount MEII Equatorial Mount package includes the SkyX Professional Edition (Mac & PC), TPoint & Camera add-ons for Mac & Windows as well as the MKS 5000 dual-axis control system with USB and serial interface, and AutoHome start-up

  • Built for remote access the Software Bisque Paramount MEII Equatorial Mount features unattended start up functionality as well as integrated telescope and ccd camera control

From the beautiful CNC construction to the limitless functionality of this mount it is no wonder why the Software Bisque Paramount MEII has become the equatorial mount of choice for universities and research institutions across the globe. Below you will find additional specifications and features pertaining to this mount.

Software Paramount ME II Design Highlights:

  • Software Bisque s 4th generation dual axis control system, the MKS 5000, provides precision & reliable performance.
  • Camera Add On software provides telescope, camera, focuser, filter wheel, SBIG AO, and rotator control in a single software.
  • TPoint Add on with Super Model and ProTrack provides the same telescope pointing correction software that is used on most professional telescopes.
  • The Multi-OS and Six License Add On lets you install TheSkyX Professional Edition and all related Add-On s on up to six different Mac and Windows computers.
  • Research-grade right ascension gears with low peak to peak periodic error (7 arc seconds) before training PEC.
  • Optimal periodic error correction curve fitting that can product seeing indifferent periodic error curves.
  • Direct Guide allows optimal guiding with the need for a guider cable.
  • Both RA and Dec axes include mechanical switches to quickly switch between balancing the payload and tracking.
  • Clutch-free worm block design preserves the Paramount ME II s physical orientation for accurate and repeatable TPoint modeled pointing and tracking.
  • Control System supports a wide dynamic range of slewing and tracking rates. Virtually any slew speed is available, from stopped to several degrees per second.
  • The Paramount MEII offers configurable acceleration and deceleration rates during slews.
  • Integrated homing sensors allow rapid mount initialization to produce reliable, precise repeatability from one night to the next.
  • The super-stable physical design of the Paramount ME II rapidly dampens external vibrations.
  • Slewing limits are configurable to prevent damage by slowly decelerating to limit regions.
  • Clutch-free design assures consistent pointing & tracking from night to night.
  • Fifty separate conductors for through the mount cabling to keep cable clutter to a minimum, and integrated cable conduit allows the addition of custom cables & wires through the mount.
  • The Software Bisque Paramount ME II has an integrated equatorial wedge for polar axis altitude adjustment from 14-68 degrees.
  • An integrated rotating base allows calibrated azimuth adjustments without affecting the altitude of the mount.
  • Integrated altitude scale provides accurate altitude starting point for polar alignment.
  • Oversized 8 right ascension and declination bearings provide max stability.
  • Structural design is extremely rigid, even at max payload capacity.
  • Landing lights under the mount can be turned on to illuminate dark working areas during set-up.
  • The Paramount ME II has an extremely high weight capacity to mount weight ratio of 240 lb. to 84 lb.

The Software Bisque Paramount ME II Equatorial is a superior robotic mount that provides astro photographers everything they look for:

  • Tracking Accuracy

  • Pointing Accuracy

  • Payload

  • Torque with Slew Speed and Dynamic Range of the Control System

  • Superior Control Software

  • Reasonable Portability

  • Availability

This is a state of the art robotic equatorial mount and with hundreds sold the Paramount ME II Equatorial Mount from Bisque has the track record to prove it.


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