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LRGB Filters 2"

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Product Overview

The Askar LRGB imaging filter set is designed for those imagers who possess a monochrome camera that use either CCD or CMOS sensors. This filter set enables users to achieve 1:1:1 equalized RGB exposures.

The LRGB filter set includes four mounted imaging filters that pass red, green and blue bands of light together with the full luminance spectrum across the visible band. By taking individual photos with each of the the filters with the help of a monochrome astronomy camera and combining the separate photos with image-processing applications or software, you will get a stunning image of the planets or deep-sky objects. The Askar LRGB imaging filter can greatly simplify and thus reduce the time of post processing.

The Askar LRGB filter set has a precise passband including a gap between the red and the green to improve color balance and partially reduce the impact from sodium light. The blue and green filter passbands slightly overlap to allow the emission from nebulae to get a more natural color imaging. The RGB color combination has an equal weight, it means that each color is weighted to approximately 1:1:1, which is critical for automated imaging. Askar LRGB filter set is suitable for planetary or deep-sky object imaging.

The Askar LRGB filter set rejects the infrared wavelengths so users don’t need to get an extra IR CUT filter. The Askar LRGB filter set has a terrific transmission at least 90% across its bandpass.

The production process is strictly controlled and every single Askar LRGB filter set is individually examined and tested to ensure that they can satisfy the observing interests and needs of our customers.


· Designed for monochrome astronomy cameras with CCD or CMOS sensors.

· Useful for imaging color pictures of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

· High transmission can greatly enhance the contrast and bring out the most detailed information of celestial objects.

· Designed to partially cut off the inference of artificial light from sodium vapor street lights and other unwanted disturbance.

· The Askar LRGB filter set is parfocal across all the filters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review