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Lepus 0.62X Standard Edition

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Product Overview

Standard Edition Lepus 0.62X telecompressor lens designed for use with any telescope having the TCF-S or other 2-inch focuser in place. Works well with Meade ACF f/10 and f/8 coma-free SCT telescopes. The Lepus 0.62X Standard Edition is housed in a 2-inch barrel-like assembly and will fit into any telescope receiver for standard 2-inch eyepieces.

The camera side connection for the Lepus 0.62X telecompressor is a broad dovetail known as the OPTEC-2100. The proper back-focus distance to the camera image plane is maintained with Optec's custom camera-specific Lepus mounts available separately below. The OPTEC-2100 interface also allows easy connection to the Pyxis 2" rotator in place of the standard 2-inch nosepiece. When connected to the camera, Lepus will appear as a long 2-inch nosepiece that fits into any 2-inch focuser or eyepiece receiver.

Special DSLR adapters are available from stock for Canon and Nikon cameras which hold and maintain the 100mm on-axis back-focus distance. Can also be used for CMOS and CCD camera. The universal adapters are found here. 42mm , 48mm and 54mm

The Lepus can be used with other telescope designs but is not parfocal. Therefore, some re-focusing will be required. Performance is not guaranteed with all telescope optical designs and the Lepus is not recommended for use with Ritchey-Chretien telescopes.

Note that the #19407 Lepus - Standard Edition does not include a camera specific mount. Be sure to order one of the Variable Length Camera mounts. contact us for the correct adapter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review