iOptron CEM26 with 1.5" tripod and Case with iPolar

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Product Overview

Introducing iOptron's new compact next-generation center-balanced EQ mounts the CEM26 and CEM26EC. Like their predecessors the CEM26 is designed with portability in mind weighing in at only 10lbs. It can support up to a 26lbs payload. An incredible 2.6 mount weight to payload ration.

The key to enable such rations is the CEM design focuses the mount and payload weight directly on the centre of the tripod rendering "natural stability"

Building on the legacy of earlier CEM models, we have added features for convenience and functionality. A positive lock gear engagement system, built in WI-FI, and recordable permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) to repeat optimal PEC training sessions. (real time PEC on the CEM26EC) The CEM26 and CEM26EC delivers precise pointing and accurate tracking (PE <0.3 arcsec RMS on EC model). The 212,000 object library ensures you will never run out of targets to see or image. The CEM26 and CEM26EC set the new standard for compact equatorial mounts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review