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Get your images processed by Trevor from Astrobackyard.com!! Send you Data and he will work his magic!

Expect a quick turn around time, and get your completed image within a guaranteed 24 hour window. Just select the palette that you want your image in. RGB, HaRGB, SHO, Hubble, you name it! No Ha data? Trevor will either use his own, or setup his equipment to capture the required data to complete your master piece.

Using his very own Photoshop actions, Trevor can take your out of focus images and get them refocused. With his camera's always traveling with him, he will get flats, bias, and dark's you are missing and add them in to his DeepSkyStacker work flow.

You can rest assured that the quality of the final image will be APOD material, and even NASA will think you have a dedicated 20 inch telescope in some of the darkest sky's in the world.

We will email you a link to send you data when purchased.

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*not an actual service


(No reviews yet) Write a Review