F/6.3 focal reducer for F/10 SCT, visual or imaging

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Product Overview

Antares' f/6.3 focal reducer provides a faster f/6.3 system for imaging or visual use when used with an f/10 SCT or other compatible telescopes. This filter threads on to the rear cell of your Celestron or Meade SCT telescope. The female end attaches to the rear cell of the telescope. All additional accessories mount onto the exterior/male threads. The reducer features fully coated optics in an anodized aluminum filter ring with an ergonomic rubber grip. It features a standard male SCT thread (2" OD, 24 TPI) on one side and a standard SCT female thread on the other.

This is one of our best-selling items, and customers have reported that this product is at least as good as, and probably better than, other leading f/6.3 focal reducers sold on the market for a lot more. However, even though the imprint on the item states "Reducer / Corrector" please note that his is a reducer only. It is not a corrector or flattener.


  • Focal length = 220mm
  • Clear aperture = 40.8mm (1.60")
  • Length of male SCT thread = 5mm (0.2") but this is preceded by an unthreaded part on the eyepiece side making the total length = 8.8mm (0.35")
  • Length of female SCT thread = 7.5mm (0.3")
  • Weight = 4.3oz.
  • Made in Canada


(No reviews yet) Write a Review