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Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate

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The Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate is created from high-pressure injection die-cast aluminum for structural integrity. Measuring 11-inches long, its black anodized surface is laser etched in 2mm increments (130mm to 0 to 130mm) on one side to help you quickly determine the balance point when placing the camera on the mount head. A stainless steel plate is on the opposite side to protect the dovetail casting when securing it to the mount head.

The dovetail plate is machined for 3 positions with rubber anti-slip pads, and comes complete with a 1/4x20 attaching bolt and spring-loaded safety pin for mounting a camera body.

Suitable for use on all Explore Scientific mounts and other-brand mounts that accept the popular "Vixen-style" dovetail plate width. Weighs only 8.5 oz.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review