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EQDir Adapter for EQMOD for EQ5

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Product Overview

Our new compact EQDir Adapter for EQMOD allows direct connection of Skywatcher HEQ5 Syntrek/PRO, AZ EQ6-GT and EQ8 mounts to your PC or laptop. With this adapter you can remote control your Skywatcher mount directly via PC. No handbox controller is needed and the device is perfect for remote observatories

EQDIR heart is based on FTDI USB to Serial Chip

The device uses the original FTDI FT232RL chip. This chip is fully compatible and functional with Windows XP, 7 , 8, 10, OSX, Linux. There is no need to install external drivers as Windows Update will install the latest FTDI driver. Just plug it in your PC and play.

Led indication

A red LED (operation indicator) exists on the side of the device. It will turn on when the device is plugged in the equatorial mount.

EQDIR adapter can use both cables (DB9 or RJ45 Connectors)

First socket is DB9, Second socket is RJ45

Choose the appropriate cable (DB9 or RJ45) for your mount model. You can use the same device in both of your mounts. Just attach the specified cable for your mount model (DB9 or RJ45)

Mount Compatibility

RJ45 Cable type

· Skywatcher HEQ5

· Skywatcher AZ-HEQ5

· Skywatcher AZ-EQ6

· Skywatcher EQ6-R

· Skywatcher EQ8

· Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro


Mount ConnectorRJ45
PC Connector (USB Model only)USB mini type B
Bluetooth Specs (Bluetooth Model only)Bluetooth v2.1 version
Name / ID: PA-EQDIR-XXXX  (Where XXXX the unique identifier of the device) , Baud rate: 9600 , Pairing code / password: 1234

Effective distance of operation: 10 meters

Cable to mountRJ45 to RJ45 or RJ45 to DB9
Dimensions66 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review