Dual Beam Flashlight

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A red flashlight is an extremely frequently needed accessory for amateur astronomers. A regular white flashlight would blind your eyes, causing dark adaption to disappear.

This flashlight uses modern LED technology for minimum power consumption. A battery will usually last many months in normal usage. When we switched a flashlight on for testing the lifespan the light began to dim only after 4 days of continuous use!

Dimmable light in red and white:

The light intensity can be dimmed freely from a very dark setting used for reading star charts to a bright setting for checking the observing site for lost items. At the end of the observing session you can switch to white light that will make checking the observing site and disassembling the telescope a lot easier!


-- LED red + white flashlight for astronomy. Adjustable brightness.
-- low power consuption through the use of light emitting diodes and for a long life-span
-- standard 9V battery
-- low weight and temperature comfort through a hard plastic housing

Scope of delivery:

-- LED flashlight with carrying strap and with integrated 9V battery. Ready for use "out of the box"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review