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Daystar Instruments FLAT CAP Imaging Diffuser 190mm

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Product Overview

The DayStar FlatCap is a Gaussian diffuser that is temporarily installed over the front of your telescope when taking flat field reference images. By strongly blurring the Sun, the only details you will see in the reference image are from defects in your imaging train that can be removed in software.

  • Construction: Spun Aluminum mounting ring with polymer diffuser
  • Intensity distribution: Gaussian
  • Divergence angle: 4 degrees FWHM
  • Exposure time adjustment factor: 100x longer
  • Maximum field of view: 1 degree with Sun backlight
  • Wavelength transmission range: 350-800nm
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 100°C (14-212°F)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review