Black-CAT Mount for Redcat51 and EAF

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Product Overview

Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASIAIR, EAF and guide scope to the William Optics RedCat 51 and SpaceCat 51 telescopes. The mount includes precise gears that allows the EAF to control the focus of the scope.

The benefit of the gears compared to belt is that the gears don't bend the tube of the telescope as the tensioned belt does. Backlash of the Black-CAT Mount gears is minuscule compared to the backlash of the EAF gear box.

Designed and made in Finland, all Black-CAT Mount parts are made of carbon enforced plastic and the mount has been tested to work in cold environment (even below -25 Celsius or -13 Fahrenheit) for months with no issues. The mount and all the parts including the teeth of the gears are coated with 2-component resin (2K) for extra hardness, durability and resistance against elements. The plastic used in the mount withstands heat up to +50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) without bending or deforming. Perfect for Canadian Winters

Black-CAT Mount fits perfectly to RedCat 51 and SpaceCat 51 scopes with the old and new style William Optics Single Mounting Rings. The Black-CAT Mount is easy to install and all necessary screws, nuts and washers to connect ASiair, EAF, Vixen style shoes for guide scope and William Optics Saddle Handle are included with the Black-CAT Mount.

Black-CAT Mount is made in Finland and the kit includes these parts:

*ZWO ASIAIR-Pro and EAF not included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review