Antares 2" Low profile (20mm) helical focuser

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Product Overview

The short 2" focuser is ideally suited for self-construction of visually optimized telescopes. It is suitable for 1.25" and 2" accessories. Adjustment is made by turning the eyepiece. For the do-it-yourselfer who mainly wants to observe visually, the low profile Newtonian focuser has a few advantages:

· Extremely short construction - height only 20 mm for flat support surfaces or 26 mm for curved tubes

· Through the short length, the secondary mirror can be kept small, so no valuable aperture and contrast get lost

· Generous 21 mm travel

· The focuser is lightweight with only 280 grams

· Easy adjustment - done by simple rotating of the eyepiece. Due to the helical principle, focusing is more sensitive than with most rack and pinion or Crayford focusers.

Installation is easy

A special adapter or a base plate are not necessary. You only need an opening for the draw tube (diameter 67 mm) and the bores for the connection to the tube (distance 63.2 mm square). Tubes from 230 mm diameter can be used and an adaption to flat support surfaces is possible without any difficulty.

Minimum height:

20 mm (flat support surface) or 26 mm (curved support surface)


21 mm

Eyepiece side connection:

2" and 1.25"

Telescope side connection:

four bores, distance 63.2 x 63.2 mm (diagonal 90.5 mm)

Diameter for the opening of the tube:

67 mm



What s in the box

· Antares 2" Helical Focuser

· 4 spacers for curved tubes

· 4 mounting screws with washers and nuts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review