50MM Right Angle Correct Image finder Scope, 7.5X

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Find it fast. Antares 50mm finders will let you see and target faint objects like globular clusters without star charts even near city limits. Features include multicoated objective lens, helical focusing, eyepiece with rubber eyeshield, 52 degree apparent field, internal baffling, dust caps and focusable wire reticle. There are three models available, each in a colour to match your scope

This fully multicoated achromatic doublet finder is also a good replacement for the straight-through finders supplied with older Meade Starfinder Dobsonian and equatorial reflectors. Its neutral white color also lets you use it to replace the smaller finders that often come with other brands of reflectors.

Its large 50mm aperture has a limiting magnitude of 11, fainter than the stars on any commercial star chart, making it easy for you to locate faint nebulas and galaxies. The field of view is a generous 7 degrees wide and the eye relief is a very good 15mm. There's a rolldown rubber eyecup for eyeglass use. The finder weighs 17.6 ounces, without optional finder bracket. It will fit into the standard 8 x 50mm finder dovetail supplied with most Meade scopes that come with a straight-through 8 x 50mm finder. If you re upgrading from a smaller finder, reflector-type dual mounting rings and an SCT-type quick release dovetail bracket are available as options. The 54.5mm diameter body of the finder is aluminum, painted in a neutral white and internally baffled for higher contrast. The black anodized aluminum lens cell has an extra long integral shade to retard the formation of dew and shield the objective from ambient light. The lens shade has internal anti-reflection grooving for higher contrast.

Mounting hardware sold separately


(No reviews yet) Write a Review