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100x50cm Baader AstroSolar White-Light Safety Film 5.0 Medium

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Product Overview

Baader AstroSolar Safety Film OD 5.0

  • AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0 for solar observation and photography at high magnification, telescope quality, Optical Density (OD) = 5.0
  • Safe for visual solar observation (with additional optics) and imaging
  • This highest precision film consistently produces strehl ratios of 94 to 96 percent at interferometric tests – thus it performs optically like a Fluorite Triplet Lens by Carl Zeiss or Astro Physics
  • AstroSolar Safety Film is best suited for precision work with all astronomical telescopes and binoculars – just as well as for all photographic camera- and tele-lenses
  • For more than 25 years on the market, the only film-material made to not deteriorate the optical wavefront, it does allow to attain high magnification with any long-range optics without reducing sharpness or contrast of the solar surface.
  • Size :
    • 100cm x 50cm ( 40"x 20")

The patented Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0 is produced for visual and photographic solar observation at high magnification (with additional optics). AstroSolar® Safety Film is best suited for precision work with all astronomical telescopes and binoculars – just as well as for all photographic camera- and tele-lenses (Patent pending in all European States - voted for "Astro-Product of the Decade" in the USA, and Sky and Telescope's Sept 2000 Review "A New Standard in Solar Filters") Baader Planetarium's AstroSolar®Safety Film delivers white light views of the Sun that are unmatched by any other objective solar filter or material. The views through AstroSolar display fine solar details, including fine penumbral detail, solar granulation, and lighter colored faculae. The disk is set against a dark background, free of the haze and scatter that is common in typical 'mylar' films or inexpensive glass filters. The performance of AstroSolar is even more remarkable when considering its very low cost - only $36 for telescopes up to 8". We even have sizes large enough for producing full-aperture filters for very large telescopes (see the huge 40" filter as shown above!). When combined with Baader's tips for a simple do-it-yourself filter mount, anyone can construct a complete low cost - High Quality - white light solar filter for any telescope.

It is possible to further improve the stability and sharpness of the solar image through the use of the Baader Solar Continuum Filter. Views of granulation and faculae are particularly enhanced through the use of this filter, in combination with AstroSolar®. Users of achromatic refractors will be particularly pleased with the performance using this additional filter.

NEW - AstroSolar® Eco size. This smaller 140x155mm size is ideal for smaller refractors (<4.5"), Camera Lenses, Spotting Scopes and Binoculars. Included is a DIY cell that enables you to create a functional hi-resolution filter with simple materials.

Safety Instructions

  • Before each and every solar observing session, inspect your AstroSolar® Film for mechanical damages, broad scratches, streaks, extensive wipe marks and other quality degrading influences. Also check the filter’s fit and, if necessary, tape it to prevent slipping.
  • Never use the filter at the eyepiece (where you look into the telescope), only attach it onto the objective (where light enters the telescope); otherwise it can become dangerously hot inside the instrument – and inside the eyes. In case of binoculars, be sure both objectives are securely covered; with cameras cover the viewfinders front lens.
  • A filter made of this durable material is relatively resistant to breakage (even during intentional attempts) in comparison to a glass filter. However, care must be taken with sharp pointed objects. Also be aware that the coating can be damaged by scratching or rubbing and take this into account when storing the filter. A filter with damaged film should be destroyed immediately to avoid accidental use.
  • Emphasize the importance of caution to those observing with you, especially children. Intentionally removing or damaging the filter can endanger their eyesight. This is no place for jokes. Never leave the telescope outside unattended during the daytime!
  • Do not use AstroSolar® Film with open-truss telescopes unless the tube is covered by a shroud. Always cover additional finderscopes and telescopes with a securely fastened lightproof front cover. Unprotected viewing through the finder would have the same catastrophic consequences as viewing through the main telescope. Additionally, an uncovered finder directed at the sun can produce exceedingly unpleasant skin burns.


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