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Askar 65PHQ

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65PHQ has a smaller size than other PHQ astrographs. 65PHQ has a focal ratio of f/6.4 and a focal length of 416mm. Instead of the quadruplet structure of other PHQs, the 65PHQ is a quintuplet with two ED glasses which offers excellent control of chromatic and other aberrations. With its self-flattening design, 65PHQ offers strong advantages in the astronomical shooting. It supports the full-frame image circle and has a fine spot diagram with tiny distortions of the peripheral stars.

65PHQ comes with a telescopic lens hood, a high-quality CNC machined and painted tube, and attractive decorative parts. The OTA weighs 2kg, and the full package with tube rings, etc. weighs 2.8kg. The 2.5” rigid focuser comes with a new-type 360° rotator with scales and a finder base. M68, M54, and M48 camera adapters are also attached, and the M48 adapter has a 2” female thread for installing filters.

It is also a nice choice for your visual observation. With different diagonals and various eyepieces and it can also achieve a perfect focus. It can even be used to observe planets with a super-high magnification eyepiece. The 65PHQ contains a multifunctional handle, a 300mm dovetail plate, and sturdy double tube rings. It is small in size and light in weight, which perfectly caters to your need for viewing and shooting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review